DivergencyMcr: 'I Can't Breathe'

The dust has finally settled following Ria's beautiful and compelling sell-out show 'Matilda and me', closing Word of Warning’s Spring/Summer season on a real high! Before I go on, have a read of some of the comments left by our wonderfully generous audience:

“Ria was mesmerizing. A history lesson - personal, political and beautiful all in one.”

“Brilliant, thought-provoking message, well written and captivating.”

“Really grateful to have had this story shared with me. Elegant performance. Thank you.”

Planning to be up in Edinburgh to scout out who we should be keeping our eyes on next!! Watch space and all of that…

The day after the show Ria took 6 of us on an afternoon amble around Manchester city centre, where we explored our environment with a different lens, considering our bodies' impact on the space we inhabit…  Or in my words: all of us standing in the middle of Manchester Arndale and looking up at the ceiling or walking around the Arndale on our own and holding eye contact with random strangers… Unbeknownst to us, we’d garnered a small (and just as stealthy!) audience, who gave us a small knowing clap as we left… it’s the little things…

Below is the video we supported Chanje in making (the one I've been banging on about in the last 2 blog posts!).

Chanje says: "I've made a short performance art piece called 'I Can't Breathe' in support of the #‎blacklivesmatter campaign in solidarity with Speakeasy Manchester .Because art is activism. Because they still, can't breathe #‎MichaelBrown #‎SmileyCulture #‎TamirRice #‎MarkDuggan #‎EricGardner #‎TrayvonMartin #‎BringBackOurGirls Please watch and share."