DivergencyMcr: Rounding off 2016

As we torpedo into the end of the year, and wave goodbye to 2016 (And I’m definitely glad to see the back end of this one), it only feels right to re-cap on what Divergency has achieved since it’s successful bid to run for another 12 months. It’s been a while since we’ve been active online, but we’ve been busy making live art and contemporary performance since we last posted!

On October 6th Word of Warning, STUN + Black Gold Arts Festival presented Divergency’s first open platformed event. Myself and the 6 other current Divergency artists plus guest Yvonne Shelton, took over small but wonderful sections of the Z-Arts building and STUN studio to present a medley of work-in-progress showings that we had been exploring throughout the year previously.

From interactive digital installations and promenade performances accompanied by live violinists, stretching through homelessness to quantum physics - each piece of work took a lens to something different and it was wonderful to see some of our less practiced artists explore new ideas, and as always, great to see our more seasoned artists try out their new work too. Alongside some lovely reviews and feedback from our audience, some of the work has been picked up by some really interesting programmers – so 2017 sets to be a busy one for our current Divergency artist.

We are however seeking new participants for the new year, so if you think you would be interested in taking part of the meeting, talking, eating and making that ensues amongst Divergency, you can emails us at divergency@habmcr.org (or me toni@habmcr.org)

photo credit: Garry Cook